I am a researcher with interest in the design and the use of classical and quantum optimisation and machine learning techniques for solving real-world issues. I am also a lecturer in computer science teaching quantum artificial intelligence, combinatorics, operations research, complex systems, object-oriented programming, databases and computer networks. As a developer, I create AI-based solutions for smart cities, economic applications, and some other purposes. I like to think of myself as somebody passionate about what he does. I have never been afraid of not knowing something, maybe because it is my excuse to continuously keep learning more 🤓.

Research Expertise in Quantum/Classical Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning

Auto-ML/Hyperprameter Tuning



Research Developments/Contributions

GitHub Repository

Happy to announce the release of a repository for quantum computer simulators. It is based on our published work with Prof. Enrique Alba, Francisco Chicano, Gabriel Luque and Rodrigo Gil-Merino. The goal is to provide an archive keeping track of advances in the field and assisting practitioners in choosing the most convenient simulator. The repository is thought for the community and hopefully will be maintained by the community: Everyone's contributions are welcome to enhance and keep the listing up-to-date. So, please feel free to share the LINK!

Teaching Experience



Thesis Supervision

Developments: AI / QC For Real World Applications

Software Engineering Task Effort Prediction via NLP (Still private due to company copyright)

Software Engineering / June. 2023

Quantum Machines Calibration Forecasting via AI

Quantum Technology / In Build

Parking Occupency ETL

Smart Cities / March. 2023

AI Pipeline for Parking Occupency Forecasting

Smart Cities / Feb. 2023

AI Piepline for Economic Profiling

Business Intelligence / Dec. 2021

Smart Call Center via Speech Recognition

Business Intelligence / Nov. 2022

Economic Prediction via AI

Business Intelligence / Sep. 2022