The Repository: This repository regroups the existing quantum computer simulators. The classification is made according to a wide-enough set of criteria in order to guide your selection. This taxonomy is the result of our research work and analysis. So, if you have benefited somehow from our repository, please make sure to cite our work to acknowledge our efforts. Also, your contributions will be much appreciated to keep this repository up-to-date.
  • Plain citation: Zakaria Abdelmoiz Dahi, Enrique Alba, Rodrigo Gil-Merino, Francisco Chicano and Gabriel Luque. A Survey on Quantum Computer Simulators. Proceedings of the 19th Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence, CAEPIA. 941-946, 2021.
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Contact: I am Zakaria Abdelmoiz DAHI, a researcher with a focus on designing/applying quantum/classical optimisation and machine learning techniques for solving real-life problems.
  • E-mail: zadahi(at)uma(dot)es