Web-based Quantum Computer Simulators

Name Full-stack #Qubit(s) #Gate(s) Shot(s) Purpose(s) Project Status Open Access Open Source
Factor 15 Circuit Unknown 4 2 1 Shor's Algorithm Unknown Yes No
Quantum Computing Playground Unknown 22 21 1 Shor's and Grover's Algorithms, etc. Unknown Yes Yes
Quantum Programming studio Unknown Unlimited 34 >= 1 Quantum circuit simulation Active Yes No
Davy Wybiral QCS Unknown 10 14 Unknown Qubits manipulations Unknown Yes Yes
Qubit Workbench Unknown Free: 4, Non-free: > 100 17 Free: > 9000, Non-free: Unknown Qubits manipulations Active Yes/No No
Quirk Unknown Unlimited 44 Unknown Multiple Unknown Yes Yes
Quantum Search Applet Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Shor's algorithm Unknown Yes No
BackupBrain Unknown Unlimited 9 >= 1000 Quantum circuit simulation Active No No
QUI NO Uknown > 1 Uknown Qubit manipulations Active Yes No
Classiq Yes Model expression 10 - 1000 Unknown High level expression of models and creation of circuits No (sign in only ?) No Yes
Aliro Yes? Uknown Uknown Quantum Networks for secure communications, clustered quantum computing, distributed quantum sensing Active No No Yes
BASIC Simulation for inputed circuit 2 >1 Quantum simulator on a Commodore 64 Active Yes Yes No